Tuesday, November 13, 2007

El Season Finale

Well, the season has come and gone. I finished it up in Florida on Saturday, Nov 10th in the 70.3 World Champs...the season finale. It was a good race, I have written about in emails to people and also in my race story on my website so you can see all the details there. I was 16th overall, which I hate to say because I was SO confident I would be Top 10 and I was very focused on this goal. However things do not always go according to plan, this is life, and we deal with it. I gave it 110% so much that I struggled the last half of the run, like I have not struggled in a long time. Of course I am a bit disappointed, but to think of it like that only brings me 'down' reality, I have had a great season, I stayed healthy, I have enjoyed it all from start to finish and I have a lot to be very thankful for. Having my parents and sister Robin and 4-year old nephew William there was so great, I waved to them halfway through my run and then it all started going downhill. I so wish I could have had a great finish whereby I raised my arms up in victory (or at least a personal one!) but I think that they understood, I seemed to 'crack' at the end and finish in a lot of pain. But hey, that's racing...and I have not yet done that in a 1/2 Ironman so there is a first! Additionally I was able to get a best time, not by much but I'll take it, finishing in a 4:26. I have some GREAT pictures that I will get up here as soon as I can, such as William 'trying on' my racing aero helmet. We stayed until Monday morning to unwind, which was nice, it kind of made it really feel like the end of the season. Now I am all anxious to get started staying fit 'playing', that is doing whatever sounds enticing each day! I am sure it will be yoga, swimming and running...maybe some climbing and also I need to get my old mountain bike in working order, that'll be fun to do as well. And of course I'll enjoy some socializing and drinking yet as ya'll know, if you know me, I don't exclude these 'too' much even during the's a LONG season! I hope you are all well and looking forward to Thanksgiving.

And also....GO ILLINI!! I am a University of Illinoi alumni and while I am also an Ohio State fan, who would have ever imagined...E-V-E-R...that Illinois could pull off a victory over OSU? Unbelievable. See, miracles DO happen... :)


Robin said...

i was reading old blogs and if i could only have one drink for the rest of my life, if it could be STARBUCKS lattes, then that would be it. otherwise, beer all the way.

By the way, is it beer time yet???