Monday, December 8, 2008

Small Mention in Statesman "Fit City Blog"

I just wanted to mention a nice article (blog) that Pam Leblanc, who writes for the Austin American Statesman, posted this morning on her "Fit City Blog". I met with Pam last Friday at Austin Java, one my my favorite little hangouts, as Derick had mentioned that we should 'meet'. He spoke with her a few weeks back and he learned that Pam is a swimmer. I think that in Derick's eyes, anyone who swims by choice more than 3x/week and has done so all of their life has something bizarre in common and therefore are 'linked' in some way. Well, come to find out Pam and I had more in common than just swimming (mountains, skiing, inability to sit still...) and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her a bit. I felt as though we could have sat there and talked for hours.
Thanks Pam for the little write up. And imagine this, she was so 'accurate' in what she wrote! Not always the case, so it is much appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Muhnday!


Abby said...

Kelly that is a great write up about you. Keep up what you're doing. You are an inspiration.

MarkyV said...

yeah... pam is super cool. mtns, swim, outdoors... oh and the sitting still part. put the three of us in a room and there'd be some serious hyperness going on :)

it's official... I'm putting you on RSS feed. Expect to get sh-- from me now and again. :D :) ;)

happy new year!!!