Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back To School.

Well, not for me but for my nephew Jack. Jack,...I think Jack is about 3. Yes, that sounds good. (Sorry Cori, I love him and all but I cannot keep track). Jack had his first day of pre-school and here is a picture. I guess that he jumped out of bed with his PJ's and backpack on ready to go. And while all others were crying, he was already taking out his toys. Classic. Guess he's ready to flee the nest, eh? That is all for today. Just had to share this very cute picture.
Oh, it is raining in Austin. Which is fine with me. Granted I cannot ride outside, or I guess "I won't' when it is raining a lot, but this is a sign of fall coming which is very exciting! I am ready for 50-degree nights and football games. Well, I know I'll have one of those 2 things...this ain't Colorado, after all. I hear we have a cold front moving through and it will be in the 60's tonight. Well, I have to take what I can get.