Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Redman Half-Ironman

I just returned yesterday from Oklahoma, where I raced the Redman 1/2 Ironman on Saturday. This was truely a 'low key' race, as I imagine there were maybe 500-600 participants total, the full Ironman and half Ironman included. It was very different than most of the races I have done this summer, but it was a very welcome change. I feel most in my element in small, local, laid-back races. I feel like all of the hype and intensity just makes me nervous, and I spend energy 'trying to' remain relaxed. Unfortunatley those are the races you 'have to' perform well at, but I loved every minute of this one. I have a full race report on my website, all in all it was an excellent day. I dropped my personal best 1/2 Ironman time down to a 4:27, which is very exciting to me as I now feel that a low-4:20 is possible. The good thing about this one is, it was not all the swim and the run...the bike was also a personal best split at a 2:30. I guess that I also won the overall race, men and women. The women started 15 minutes back, so I did not actually cross the finish line first but I believe I was the overall winner. Which is cool! I did not expect that. My Aunt Sandy, Uncle Del, cousin Megan and her husband Doug all think I am the best in the world...I said, "Just wait until the Dallas US Open in a few weeks. Check out the'll see, there are a ton of women much much better than I...!" But, you never know, right? I'll spend a few days recovering from this one, and then try to train hard for about a week as Derick and I will head to South Carolina on October 4th for his sisters wedding. Until then, I will most definitely enjoy the good feeling from this race! I am so happy that things finally seem to be 'coming together'. Take care and thanks for stopping by. :)


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