Saturday, June 30, 2007

Welcome to Kelly's Blog.

Well, I finally started me up a blog. Just keeping up with the Jones', you know. It is incredible how technology is constantly ramping up, I swear...I have yet to buy an IPOD. Are the outdated yet? Probably.

I wanted somewhere to put down some daily thoughts, just short updates unlike my small novels of race reports. And since this blog thing is free and quite simple, I figured it'd be the perfect segway into a little training 'journal'.

So I'll get going on it, and hope to be able to update this daily or at least a few times each week. I hope ya'll are well and if in Austin, staying out of this heat as much as possible. Today Derick and I took part in a 'long ride' together, which ended up being even longer than expected. He flatted about 1:30 into it, and then once we got it fixed, we were hesitant to keep heading out of town with only one spare tube. So, we headed back towards home to 're-load'. By then I began feeling pretty 'bonky', so well, I got whiney. He got irritated (understandably)...we found ourselves at home about 45 min later, at which point he decided 2:15 was long enough. :) I headed back out for about 1:20 to give myself a 3:30 ride time, which was plenty as I find I am still recovering a bit from Lubbock. Every Saturday I say I'll get up and ride at 7:30 or 8:00 am, to avoid the heat, why do I never do it? 10:00 rolls around and I am still at home. Next Saturday, I will. And hopefully the comfy bed and the fact that it is a Saturday will not lead me astray from my plans! Tonight we have a friend coming into town, so we'll take him to my favorite Tex Mex in Austin, Polvos and maybe have a thirst-quenching magarita or two. Tomorrow will be a long-ish run (1:20) and then only 2 weeks until Geneva ITU race in New York!