Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Patience when you most need it....

Since having returned from the honeymoon, I have been a running-fool. I ran 80 minutes the day after we returned, 16 miles the following weekend, 18 miles the next weekend then (you guessed it) 20 miles. I was all set to do 23 miles this past Sunday, but I had to come to a screeching halt. It made for one damn moody Sunday with Kelly, just ask Derick.

I was doing 'The Bomb' run on Friday, Feb 6th. We had planned to do a route that started and ended on trail but was vastly on roads, in a local neighborhood; a great 7-8 mile hilly route. Then at the last minute, Gilbert and Bernard opted for the 10-miler (all on Town Lake Trail)... at 6 am, in the dark. Seeing that it was a small group and all pretty good runners, we followed suite. I felt a bit uncomfortable with it knowing my tendency to land on my face when running on trails in the DAYLIGHT but I figured, suck it up Kelly, it will be good for you.

We were about 5 miles into it, and while it was tough I was feeling good. My friends Desiree and Paul were just ahead of me and suddenly, 'SPLAT' goes Kelly on the pavement. We were in a very dark section and on a spot where pavement and trail met, unfortunately I fell on the pavement. When they looked back, I think I was flat out like a bug. I skinned both knees pretty bad and it shook me up, but I trekked on and finished the run, rather strong. Then, I stopped and EVERYTHING HURT. I went home, felt sorry for myself, and began to clean it all up and after a hot shower, ice my knees. And, life went on as usual for the next week (as I even ran 20 miles 2 days later).

This past Saturday, I tried to do a 40 min recovery run, as I was about to hit my biggest running volume of my LIFE in one week, 60 miles! I had a 23 mile run on tap for Sunday. Unfortunately about every step hurt on my left knee in the easy run and I knew that I had to stop. Good thing to remember: It is NEVER a good idea to run through pain that is not being self inflicted. I hope that makes sense. :)

I took 2 days off and ran 30 min on Tuesday, 42 min today. The pain is dull but still there, luckily I have amazing people here in Austin like Karen Smith (local runner, coach, acupuncturist, and great friend) who was willing to see me today. She needled and electricuted me (well, in a good way) and believes this is simply an inflamed tendon. The knee/kneecap area is still a bit swollen, so I'll heed her advice and take 4 days off running. I am going to get introduced tomorrow to this 'Elliptical' thing in the gym. I hope I don't shoot myself. I'll swim, as even cycling hurts it (making me thing even moreso it is a tendon). Unfortunately I'll have to nix the AT&T half marathon on Sunday, in all sense simply being smart. I really want to do this marathon on March 7th (Albany Marathon in GA) but we'll see how it goes, really sucks to have to take a week off in the midst of strong training...but hey, this is life, and we are not superhuman. I have dealt with worse and I have to listen to my healing body right now.

Anyone running the Austin Marathon on Sunday (or half) best of luck, enjoy a BEAUTIFUL day for running for me! Hopefully, I am just 3 weeks behind ya'll....

Thanks for reading; and send some healing vibes my way.