Sunday, October 14, 2007

US Open Triathlon...A Good Day :)

I just returned a few hours ago from Dallas, just 3 hours north of here, from having done the 'inaugural' US Open Triathlon. This was the culmination of the Lifetime Fitness Series, and the first triathlon US Open. I don't really know exactly what it being a US Open 'means', but to me it meant a lot of prize money and a very talented field to step up against. In my mind, I feel I came out successful...I finished 8th overall and won a pretty sweet chunk of cash as well. I was very relaxed going into this, I am not sure if that is just because I have realized that high relaxation/low nerves equates to successful races, or it is my 2nd to last race of the season and I am just feeling ready to be done. In either case, I feel I prepared well and had a very confident and appropriate 'state of mind' beforehand and I am happy that I performed well.

It is hard to explain. I should be totally psyched with this race, but I find myself, happy but not satisfied. I feel I am inching closer and closer to being right in the mix with these 'big dogs', basically these total badass professional women in the short course distance. So, I am glad that I had a great race however I know I belong in the top 5 of a race like this. I really do believe that I will be there, and I am okay with being me it is just a matter of, 'What piece of the puzzle is missing'?

Please check out my website, where I will post my full race report in the next couple of days along with some pictures. Mario Cantu was out there who I am sure shot some great pics, as well as my boyfriend Derick, who also was playing photographer. It was so great to have him with me! He often does not come to my races, and I really loved knowing he was out there cheering for me and encouraging me along the way...thanks so much to all the Lifetime Fitness race staff and of course, volunteers. And, a HUGE congratulations to both Greg Bennett and Sarah Haskins, the race winners, and Greg the SERIES winner. He took home a paycheck today that is mind-boggling in the world of triathlon, $420,000. And seeing as he said he's 'been at it for 20 years now', he has earned every cent.

Thanks for reading and please check out my website for a full race story!


Anonymous said...

Great job! You were really shakin' your money maker!