Monday, October 8, 2007

Wedding Weekend and Kittens

This weekend was Derick's twin sister, Kristin's wedding. It was beautiful. She got married in South Carolina, in 'the mountains', yes there ARE mtns in SC. She very much made it unique and her own, which I loved. They had bagpipes playing, that was the only 'music' was the bagpipes. How cool. The reception was at a nearby Vineyard, which was equally as pretty as their 'chapel' which overlooked the mountains. All in all, a fun weekend. I got in 2 runs when there and took 2 days OFF...OFF!?! For me that is a BIG rarity. But, I made due with what we had, the last thing I wanted to do was be trying to find a pool and be a big pain in the ass...better to just realize the rest may do me well and get in some good solid running, which I did.

This week I am back at it, just wrote up my training for the week which takes me into the US Open on Sunday, in Dallas. This is a biggie, but I am very excited for of yet, not nervous. There is a lot of money on the line, and I know I am in the shape to have a great race. I'll do just as I have been doing which is stay relaxed and then get out there and attack it start to finish. Also, SRM was great in sending me a new sensor for my bike since the old one was not reading...the guys at Jack and Adams got it all set up so now I can really key in my bike training this week, see where I am at and go into Sunday feeling strong and confident in my cycling...and the added kick of the new Orbea Ordu TT bike, I am set!

Other news...I included a few pictures of some of our kittens. The above gray one is Shackleton, because he is a little explorer. Even likes to climb up onto our grill. I said they were cute, I was right was I not? One of them likes to sleep in our recycling bin, this is Cash. Cash is named Cash because he is like the Man in Black, Johnny of course and is a bit of a loner. I really missed these little guys when we were gone, being that they are all essentially 'stray' cats I was afraid they'd leave us. Nope, still here, so I spoiled them with milk and tuna fish upon our return. Gotta keep 'em well fed. :)