Friday, January 4, 2008

Engaged. :)

Well, I am not the type to get all obnoxious about these things...but, it is very exciting. On December 4, the night before my big 3-0 birthday, Derick proposed to me! It was completely unexpected, to say the least. He had made me dinner of prosciutto-wrapped prawns, polenta and asparagus...and of course, wine. That did not throw me off, as he likes to make nice fancy dinners for 'special occassions'. We ate dinner, and I had some gifts that people had sent in the living room. He pulled them into the kitchen and said, "Open your gifts!" I of course wanted to finish the dishes (he loves to make a big mess when he cooks). I told him I wanted to do the dishes first, it is NO fun to open gifts then have a big old pile of dirty dishes. (What's that you say? I should not have been doing dishes in the first place, it was my birthday?....) Anyway, as I am cleaning away, he says to our cat, Shackleton (the Explorer), "Shackleton, maybe THIS will make her stop doin' dishes..." And then I turned to my side and there he was kneeling down w/ a beautiful little ring in his hands! YIKES!! WOA! I was shocked. Floored. And, very very happy. I had wanted this for quite some time, but I firmly believed, until it was 'right' for both of us, it was not yet the right time.

So that is my big news as of late! We will get married in Indiana, near my parents place, next September. Actually at an amazing old general store called The Story Inn, check it out! This was started by Rick Hofstetter, who was a swimmer at Indiana University back when my old swim coach John Crist managed the team (back in the day of Doc Counsilmen). Anyhoo...this place is beautiful, had tons of character and will be a lovely, rural and laid-back setting. I was very set on doing something at my parents place, too, as it is so pretty there, so we'll do the rehearsal dinner there. I am not sure what we'll 'rehearse' so to speak, it'll be a simple and quick ceremony and a big ol' party.

I added a picture above, while it is a bit ridiculous sometimes when I see girls oogling over engagement rings, this one is different and has a lot of character. And it has this 'hammered' look to it, so I cannot beat it up, it already is! :) :) I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Years. Thanks ya'll for reading!


Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm just so happy for you guys :)

Abby said...

ok you better hold on to that one. A man who can cook, that's a god-send!