Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So Much More

...So, I just got back from a run. I did 4x1-mile on the trail here in town, Town Lake Trail. It felt great, as did my long run on Sunday, which considted of 19 (?!) longest run ever. When I was finishing up today, after I had completed my last mile repeat to which I was grooving to Rusted Root's "Virtual Reality" (who wouldn't feel good running to that song?), I had this slight smile on my face. I had just felt so strong in the workout, and it made me really happy. I could not wait to call Derick and tell him how well it had gone. (Technically, I don't have a 'coach' but he often times gives me advice or will help 'tweak' my workouts so he is the person I usually call if it goes well...and my mom, of course). Anyway, it got me thinking as I had had this same feeling of elation or giddiness on Sunday, when I was finishing my run and looking at my time, realizing that the week prior I had done 16.5 miles, this week 19 miles, and only run an extra 10 minutes...woa, that is progress.

Anyway back to my feelings of elation. I was cooling down, running towards RunTex and on the home stretch. A common question that I am asked is "Why do you do it?"..'it' being training and racing. Yes, it is an awesome feeling to accomplish ones goal, to work hard all season (or for years on end) and then see the 'reward' all come together in one race. But, it comes down to so much more than that. While accomplishing 'big goals' gives us confidence, I gain that much if not more from the day in-day out training. Struggling through hard days, or weeks, and then seeing that 'light' when we have great workouts and achieve the goal of the workout if not surpass it. Doing these 'little' things makes me realize a) I CAN achieve my goal for the race (I may or may not, but I do believe that the performance is in me...) and b) I can achieve almost all that life hands to me, whether it be sport-related or not.

So, try to remember this when you are heading towards your next workout...or challenge with work, a relationship or anything else in life. Stick to the task at hand and have faith that doing your absolute best will pay off in the long run. And stop every so often and appreciate your abilities and the gifts you have. I think that we sometimes go through our day-to-day routine so focused on the next 'task at hand' that we forget to stop and appreciate the moment. The moment may be full of pain or challenge, but once you finish it, you become so much stronger for it. Use these little 'daily successes' to give you confidence that you have all of the tools to achieve something bigger.

That is my rant for today. Now I am off to get poked by needles...that is, acupuncture with Karen Smith. If you haven't tried it, I recommend it. It's not scary, as some people (...Derick, ahem...) may think. :)